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Together Brand Concept

Disrupting death


The Brief

The funeral industry is a relic of days gone by. Our research showed that its traditional approach to service did little to resonate, failing to provide both the practical and emotional support consumers are looking for when faced with (or planning for) life after death. When the inevitable happens, there’s still no clear path for those left behind.

The Opportunity

Death is one thing we all have in common, yet as a nation we avoid talking about it. For many consumers, the future was a slippery concept – a distant reality without the need for urgent action. We had to break the silence and deal with the subject of loss head-on, whilst taking the stress out of the process as much as possible.

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The Solution

A fully transparent planning service for the hereafter that focusses on the needs of the individual, celebrates personality and provides a contemporary approach to planning.

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“I haven’t a clue where to start. Maybe I would find peace of mind in consulting someone who arranges it all.”

Together™ provides a holistic approach to dealing with death via a full hereafter planning service. The brand targets both pre-planners and those hit with a loss, covering all aspects of death including funeral planning, future planning, estate management, will writing and bereavement counselling.

“I feel quite selfish. I’d always expected my family to take care of it all but we’ve never talked about it. I suppose it’s far better knowing and less traumatic to know exactly what your loved one wanted.”

Whether planning for your own or facing a death of a loved one, there’s a lot of things to think about. Our research showed that many people were unprepared, making the process more difficult, stressful and overwhelming. The Together™ service helps you make sense of all the moving parts in a calm and methodical manner.

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“Walking into the funeral parlour was awkward, it was like going back in time. I was asked to go and choose a coffin which I just wasn’t prepared for.”

In our culture, death is a subject to be avoided and it can be hard to raise the topic with loved ones. We wanted to normalise death by bringing it to the high street in a highly visible and approachable manner — a friendly face that remains respectful to consumers’ needs.

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“I don’t want to sign up and pay into a funeral plan – that sounds so impersonal. I’ll do it my way.”

Research showed a growing backlash against pre-packaged funeral plans. A lack of transparency over costs, an impersonal nature and a default to mournful tradition, doesn’t reflect the wants and needs of consumers today. We designed Together™ to be a fully tailorable service, flexible to individual tastes and presented in a transparent easy to get way.

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“If you don’t have that conversation with your loved ones and know exactly where the policies are kept, where the will is filed… you may never have a stress-free ride.”

There’s a lot more to death than a funeral, and anyone who’s experienced loss knows just how stressful the situation becomes when faced with more questions than answers. So, we created an app as part of the Together™ service. A hub of information, memories and final wishes to piece together in life which then turns into a supportive guide for those you leave behind.

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A huge part of the Together™ brand is its aim to normalise death. We created an upfront, comforting tone of voice to open the conversation and encourage others to start thinking of their hereafter planning in a positive light.

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