Colin Susan

Sunday Brand Concept

Disrupting pensions


The Brief

Pensions are confusing, complicated and down-right off-putting. Our research showed that a strong majority of consumers lamented the lack of control and visibility they had over their savings, with financial anxiety and the word ‘pension’ itself enough to put them off starting one until later in life.

The Opportunity

Pensions aren’t really for pensioners. Consumers felt there was a lack of impetus and assistance to help them save when they’re young – the time they really should be saving. The opportunity, as we saw it, was to rethink and reposition pensions to target young savers, giving them a compelling reason to save and remove the anxiety around their financial status.

Existing Market

The solution

To demystify and simplify the process and design a pension for those that need to start one the most. Young adults.

Oh, and it’s not called a pension.

Fund Your Future Intro

In a perfect world you’d be able to save at the same time as spending, enjoying life while you’re still young.

Youthful and upbeat, Sunday™ gently encourages saving for the future in a positive, non-preachy way. Our brand mindset acknowledges that even though most people might not always be able to save what they think they should, it’s often surprising what they can.

Inspired by deconstructed pie charts, the brand mark brings to life the very literal building blocks of a securer financial future.

App Icon

“Most adverts I see for pensions aren’t aimed at younger people at all, [they] have older people in them. It makes no sense.”

Illustration takes precedence over photography to reinforce Sunday’s youthful, future-focussed perspective.

Fly Posters
Billboard Bus Mockup

Where photography is used, we chose to represent our target audience as they are now – planning their pension, not receiving it.


Digital first, Sunday™ exists in the format used most by its target audience – a mobile app. We took inspiration from the new wave of fintech apps, designing Sunday™ to connect with and analyse your bank account to show what you could realistically save rather than preaching about what you should.

App Screen 1
Iphone Hand Support

“Transparency is key for me. People should always have access to know exactly where they are and how much they’ll have.”

We designed a transparent, easy-to-control dashboard that makes it super clear what users are saving, and what they’ll likely save in the future. We made it simple to increase, decrease, and even pause payments – depending on what kind of month you’re having.

App Dashboard

We borrowed the best from the best in new gen tech, like transaction round-ups (a la Monzo), and cashback on purchases (TopCashback) to help them save for their futures without compromising on the now.

Payment Terminal Apple Watch Notification

Most people don’t know who their pension provider is, so keeping users engaged with their Future Fund was important. Shareable in-app achievements and a personalised weekly newsletter (sent on Sundays, of course) gamifies the act of saving and helps build positive associations with users’ Future Fund.

Celebratory Notifcations Static Sunday Reading
Full Width Invite

Youthful, easy and inviting, Sunday encourages a proactive mindset and makes positive financial futures accessible to any income.

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